How Odoo 17 plays significant role for manufacturing sector 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is crucial in manufacturing, acting as the backbone for large-scale industries. Odoo 17 stands out as a comprehensive software solution, adept at integrating and streamlining various facets of manufacturing enterprises. It handles tasks from production planning and scheduling to inventory management, procurement, human resources, and financial management. Manage your manufacturing business with Odoo 17 that will help the business touch greater heights!

Odoo ERP excels by consolidating these functions into a unified system, facilitating seamless communication and data flow between different departments. This integration promotes improved collaboration and coordination, enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, it offers real-time insights into key performance indicators, empowering decision-makers at all organizational levels. In essence, Odoo 17‘s features make it a vital tool for managing the complexities of modern manufacturing enterprises.

An out-of-the-box approach recently by Odoo 17 has charmed with additional features which not only smoothens your manufacturing process as has been noticed also saves your time so you can think of to expand your business further. 

Furthermore let’s delve into some key features of the Odoo 17 Manufacturing Modules:

1. Easy operations:

Odoo 17 introduces advanced capabilities for automating work orders, enabling manufacturing processes to run efficiently. This automation helps in reducing manual intervention, minimizing errors, and enhancing overall productivity.

  • Manufacturing Orders: Odoo allows you to organize and manage your products efficiently by creating manufacturing orders. This involves grouping products into assembly lines or manually managing the assembly process.
  • Work Orders: Work orders in Odoo enable you to initiate the production of items required for the final assembly of your products. This feature helps in planning and executing the necessary tasks to meet production goals.
  • Barcode Integration: Odoo incorporates barcode functionality to streamline manufacturing operations. This includes scanning lot or serial numbers, utilizing barcodes to start/pause/stop stopwatches, triggering maintenance requests, and advancing to the next step in the production process.
  • Repair Orders: The system allows you to efficiently manage repair processes, whether for items under warranty or as part of a service. This feature helps in tracking and handling repairs systematically.
  • Editable Manufacturing Orders (MOs): Odoo provides the flexibility to edit manufacturing orders even after they are completed. This includes the ability to consume different products than initially planned, offering adaptability in response to changes in production requirements.
  • Unbilled Orders: This feature enables you to disassemble a finished product and recover its components. It provides a systematic way to manage the breakdown of products and the retrieval of individual components for reuse or other purposes
2. Production Planning and Scheduling:

Manage your manufacturing business Odoo 17 enhances production planning and scheduling capabilities, allowing manufacturers to optimize resource allocation, reduce lead times, and meet production deadlines more effectively.

  • Plan Manufacturing: This feature in Odoo offers a comprehensive view of the manufacturing plan, enabling efficient scheduling, resource allocation, and production planning crucial for optimizing timelines and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Organize Work Orders: Odoo enables effective organization and planning of work orders, providing access to resource information for informed decision-making and proactive production planning, contributing to enhanced task coordination and overall manufacturing process efficiency.
  • Manage Bill of Materials (BOM): Odoo’s Bill of Materials (BOM) management ensures precise tracking of item availability, production time, and component readiness, crucial for seamless production planning and accurate time estimation.
  • Workcenter Capacity: Odoo’s Workcenter Capacity feature, driven by the MRP Scheduler, optimizes resource usage based on OEE and capacity, ensuring efficient production and maintaining a balanced workflow.
3. Advanced reporting and analysis:
  • Traceability in Odoo provides a comprehensive upstream traceability report for components used in the manufacturing process.
  • Cost analysis allows tracking the cost of each manufacturing order, considering both component costs and operation costs (labor or material).
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis in Odoo allows evaluating work center loads, identifying productivity losses, and monitoring the efficiency of equipment across the manufacturing process.
4. Maintenance Management:

Manage your manufacturing business Odoo 17 automatically triggers maintenance requests based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while Corrective Maintenance can be initiated directly from the control center panel.

Maintenance operations can be scheduled using a calendar, and the system provides computed statistics such as Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for comprehensive maintenance insights

5. Product Lifecycle Management

Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provides a systematic framework for testing, collaboration, and iteration across all stages of a product’s lifecycle, encompassing concept development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and post-launch support. The inclusion of approvals ensures that key stakeholders can review changes as an illustration implementation, enhancing overall control and collaboration throughout the product development process.

6. Work center Control Panel by using Tablets — System friendly Odoo

A system or process for organizing and managing work in a production or manufacturing environment. This system involves the use of tablets and various features to streamline operations. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

Tablets for Work Centers:

  • Purpose: Organizing work efficiently.
  •  Implementation: Place tablets at each work center.

Record Production:

  • Purpose: Track and document production details.
  •  Implementation: Register productions, scan products, lots, or serial numbers.

Worksheets on Tablets:

  • Purpose: Provide instructions directly to operators.
  • Implementation: Display worksheets on tablets at work centers with step-by-step instructions for operators.

Misc Operations:

  • Purpose: Perform various tasks directly from the work center.
  • Implementation: Scrap products, Create quality alerts, Perform checks


  •  Purpose: Notify operators of changes or quality checks.
  •  Implementation: Use alerts on tablets to communicate important information to operators in real-time.

Work Order Steps:

  •  Purpose: Break down work orders into multiple steps.
  •  Implementation: Define steps such as scanning a product, taking a picture, quality control, etc., and link them to worksheet pages.

By manage your manufacturing business Odoo 17, you aim to create a more organized, efficient, and streamlined production process. The use of tablets ensures that operators have access to relevant information and instructions right at their work centers, contributing to better workflow management and productivity. Additionally, the ability to record production details, perform various operations, and receive alerts enhances the overall control and quality management of the production process.

Thus, the launch of Odoo 17 introduces a range of cutting-edge features and improvements poised to significantly impact the manufacturing sector in 2024 and beyond. These advancements encompass streamlined BOM (Bill of Materials) management, thorough oversight of work orders, and enhanced integration of manufacturing lead times.

Looking forward to 2024, Odoo 17 features are set to boost productivity, reduce lead times, and optimize resource utilization in manufacturing. Embracing these innovations positions manufacturers at the forefront of operational excellence, meeting evolving customer expectations and market dynamics.

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