Forge outstanding digital experiences with LIFERAY to attain business growth!

Why Is Liferay Important for Businesses?


Jupical is the reliable ally to ensure your success with Liferay. Demonstrating a profound understanding of Liferay and a dedicated commitment to customer contentment, we deliver solutions that empower businesses to forge outstanding digital experiences, improve operational efficiency, and attain strategic goals. Embrace the formidable capabilities of Liferay and reshape your digital landscape with the expertise offered by Jupical.

Liferay stands as an open-source enterprise portal and digital experience platform, furnishing a framework and an array of tools for the creation and management of web applications, content, and portals. Its purpose is to streamline the development of business applications and unify various services into a cohesive platform.

Portal Management

Digital Experience Platform

Analytics Cloud

Integration Capabilities

Theme Development

Why to choose LIFERAY ?

Jupical provides a wide range of Liferay services to empower your business

Workflow Automation
Responsive Design
Security Features
Robust Management

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