Transforming Marketing Communications with Odoo X WhatsApp

Do you want to take your marketing communications to the next level? 

Consider effortlessly connecting your Odoo ERP system with the power of WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging apps. To maximise the power of WhatsApp for business, consider integrating it with Odoo, a comprehensive business administration software. In our previous blog we have explained how this powerful integration can bring business benefit has the highest open rate, which helps businesses achieve the best results because it has three times the open rate.

In this blog, we’ll look at how this integration will be a step ahead to improve your business marketing communication. Say goodbye to the communication that breaks down and say hello to increased productivity and client happiness.

Uplift your marketing communications with Odoo x WhatsApp, here’s how:

1. Personalized Messaging

When it comes to marketing and building consumer loyalty, personalised marketing is necessary. Customers feel more connected when they receive personalised texts, offers, and discounts from their favourite brands.

With WhatsApp and Odoo integration, you can send messages directly to WhatsApp Groups. To stay in touch with leads in the CRM, you can send them messages. The Odoo module’s integration allows you to add all of your Whatsapp contacts (new and old) in Odoo ERP.

To ensure the security of specific invoices and bills, sending personalised messages with WhatsApp is an add-on function that allows them to preserve messages between themselves and not share them with anyone else.

2. Automated Campaigns

Odoo’s automation feature helps to develop marketing campaigns based on the customer segmentation and behaviour. One must integrate WhatsApp to send messages automatically in a timely manner with the targeted population. Users can automate their promotional campaigns, event reminders, product updates to optimise their impact.

3. Automated Notifications

With the Whatsapp Odoo connection, you can simply access all of your essential notifications and conversation within any Odoo module. Users can  Keep clients informed about their orders in real time using WhatsApp. Integrate Odoo’s order management system with WhatsApp to communicate purchase confirmations, shipment notifications, and delivery updates, creating a more seamless and transparent purchasing experience.

4. Pre-defined Templates

Make your own custom layouts with buttons and dynamic placeholders to insert unique data!

Odoo ERP with WhatsApp Integration allows you to complete more tasks in less time. The Official Meta API allows users to simply generate and send template messages to consumers. Template messages can be readily sent dynamically, with or without attachments, in several languages and to many nodes. Use pre-configured templates or create your own to send invoices, event tickets, POS receipts, and much more!

5. Easy Customer Support

Integrate WhatsApp into Odoo’s helpdesk features to provide amazing client service. Allow customers to connect immediately for inquiries or help over WhatsApp with Live Chat option and use automated reply templates. This simplifies communication and increases overall customer satisfaction.

6. Instant Customer Feedback

Businesses may quickly collect client feedback data with Odoo Whatsapp Integration by pulling a database from Odoo and delivering feedback from links to their WhatsApp numbers. Using Whatsapp odoo connection, businesses may receive fast feedback from clients and make necessary changes to their business processes and marketing strategies as well.

If you find that a certain portion of your consumer base is dissatisfied with your marketing, you can launch a different type of ad the next time to attract genuine customers.

Add-Ons with this amazing features:

Centralized Number with Multiple Users

Businesses may struggle to maintain track of their sales data if employees use multiple numbers at work. However, the WhatsApp Odoo Integration team enables members to use the same WhatsApp account across various devices. Furthermore, executives can collect and analyze a variety of data based on client interactions. This ensures that the entire team understands the various client challenges and how to address them.

Bi-directional Data Sync

The Whatsapp Odoo integration allows users to effortlessly access Whatsapp data on your Odoo CRM. Now there is no need to manually enter leads/customer data from WhatsApp chats or phone conversations into your ERP. Odoo’s Whatsapp connection will automatically add and update contacts.

Sales will grow as a result of Whatsapp Odoo connection, which aids in lead generation by easily distributing product details, brochures, images, and videos from mobile/web applications to any contact.

One can easily convert a prospective client into a customer by giving relevant photographs, videos, and documents tailored to the consumer’s purchasing path. Customer data may be tracked, and all contacts are conveniently accessible in Odoo.

Unified Multi-Channel Communication

The only platform that integrates all touchpoints into a single platform. It’s so simple: just chat in Odoo Discuss, and messages will be routed to the appropriate channel automatically.

User benefits of using WhatsApp with Odoo:

Jupical’s Team will help to improve your business communication with WhatsApp Odoo’s Integration:

Since the release of Odoo 16, Jupical has successfully integrated WhatsappxOdoo for over 25 clients, ensuring dedicated support, 100% results, and addressing each client’s unique requirements.

By automating their everyday routine chores, they can establish a channel of personalised contact between vendors and customers and keep customers engaged with news and offers on commonly utilized platforms. This increases the openness and efficiency of the organisation’s team members and their company processes.

Taking a position on the words: ERP is an all-in-one solution for all your business operations.

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