How shark tank has revolutionized the need of online presence for entrepreneurs

It is the first time in India How a television show “Shark Tank” revolutionized the need of online presence for entrepreneurs and has inspired all age groups in the country and motivated people to look beyond the 9-to-5 job. The Indian television show ‘Shark Tank’ has gained popularity among the young generation and the overall economy has seen tremendous growth. The wave of Shark Tank has inspired D2C brands to increase their reach to the audience. According to a report published by Google India, interest in D2C brands has increased by 533% as businesses have shifted to online platforms to fulfill customer demands.

Search terms such as ‘which brand is good’ have increased by 41%, clearly indicating that Indians are researching before making a purchase. 80% of customers are also looking for a brand’s official store. The D2C wave and the motivation of entrepreneurs has also helped platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc. gain popularity in India. Businesses of all ages are now looking for an online presence and this is making the competition even tougher.

Digital marketing has suddenly become one of the most important professions. Let’s dive into what has changed in the nation due to the emergence of Shark Tank.

Shark Tank brings a whole new perspective:

Online business presence:  Companies used to do business in a very traditional way by selling only in retail stores, i.e. going from store to store and selling their products. With increasing digital presence, the need to build an online business became very necessary. Today, every business, big or small, is accessible online for everyone to see, compare and shop.

Increase Digitalization: With the rise of Shark Tank and D2C brands, digital marketing is one of the most important tasks today. The whole nation is in competition and everyone wants to be ahead. Digital marketing has also changed over time. Today, digital marketing includes paid advertising, sponsored campaigns, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media posting and brand new influencer marketing. The whole meaning of digital marketing has changed with increasing digitalization, it has become mandatory for brands and companies to maintain their top position.

Brand Building:  Brand building, branding are the words that have become popular worldwide today. Everyone strives to build their brand and prove their existence. It helps shape the customer perspective and find a loyal customer base.

A strong brand can differentiate itself from its competitors, create connections with customers and increase sales by telling its story. The increase in D2C brand sales in India has taken the branding landscape to a new level. Branding contributes to the long-term growth of the product and sustainability. Shark Tank has helped brands like Bummer and Nuutjob who couldn’t get all the “Shark Tank Deals,” but they’ve taken full advantage of the visibility the show provides. That is the power of branding.

Product design and packaging:  In the past, there was no product design and packaging department. Today, every company, large or small, has such a department. Every brand is in competition and wants to look better than the others, and the design and packaging of their product plays a very important role. It attracts their audience. A high- quality product design and packaging reflects the brand professionalism and its attention to detail which enhances the product value.

The product design and packaging should be such that the audience is attracted to it and wants to buy it. With the Shark Tank craze in India, a new dynamic has come into this market and it is dominating the market. A product that is well-designed and packing is visually appealing and connects with the customers has good purchasing point.Everyone wants affordable, stylish and good looking products and the race is on.

Customer Reach: The Shark Tank show has given entrepreneurs a whole new perspective on customer relations, on how to reach the right audience and increase their product sales.

When entrepreneurs attend the show, it helps them in making themselves known to the audience nationwide. The show helps brands convert potential customers into active customers and gain confidence in their products, and it also helps them gain visibility online and create a following on social media that expands their horizons far beyond imaginable. This is why we say that reaching the right customers is the point at which a product becomes a star in the market or fails. Today, reaching the right target group is a task that every brand should fulfill before launching marketing campaigns.

How ERP has helped the e-commerce & d2c sector

The show Shark tank has expanded the possibilities for D2C sectors by supporting start-up brands in the nation. ALong with this, there are a few factors that play an important role in setting up successful brands like well managed websites, sale strategies, product advertising and successful payment integrations.

1. Website Management: By appearing in the Shark Tank, brands and companies will suddenly experience more website traffic and customer interactions. ERP systems will play a critical role in handling this onslaught on websites with seamless integrations, inventory management, order fulfillment and customer relationship management. This will increase the overall user experience and support the increased demand without downtime.

2. Sales Optimization: Whether you sign a deal or not, your participation in the show will market your brand, and this platform will definitely increase your social media presence and sales. The show will showcase your business by providing valuable insights. With the implementation of an ERP system, it becomes easier for any business, big or small, to manage all data in one place and it helps in optimizing sales strategies. Through real-time analytics of sales performance, ERP helps businesses take advantage of new opportunities, identify high-demand products and personalize customer interactions to maximize sales and profitability.

3. Advertising: The ERP system supports targeted advertising by integrating customer data with marketing tools. By using the ERP system, brands and companies can create personalized advertising tailored to the needs and interests of the customer base. In this way, they can increase the effectiveness of the PPC campaign by targeting the right customers.

  1. Payment Integrations: Increasing sales and customer loyalty is necessary, but at the same time, good payment integration with the website is very important for any D2C company. It is their responsibility to gain customer trust by integrating a secure payment base and easy payment processing which is possible by implementing the ERP system. ERP solution increases customer satisfaction with their shopping experience and optimizes the company’s financial operations.

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