Salon Management ERP Solution

The Salon & Spa industry has achieved significant growth in recent years. It stands out as a money making business, by pure profitability with minimal risks compared to other business industries. To grow in this industry the business owners have to stay up with the latest technology and market trends to continuously attract customers. Modern day clients seek more than just services; they are looking for well managed salons and the way they are treated.

Customers will run your business, so every business owner should do what makes their customer satisfied and happy! 

The global salon services market is currently valued at US$ 233.8 Billion as per reports of 2023 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7.46%. Owing to technological advances like adoption of ERP in the beauty industry and increased demand for beauty care products is likely to propel to US$ 480 Billion by 2033.

Salon Management ERP, developed by, is designed to address the pain points faced by salon owners. Our product is tailored to eliminate these pain points and offer an affordable solution that consolidates all salon tasks into one system. By implementing our product can significantly benefit your operations by seamlessly integrating various tasks into a single platform. 

Let’s explore some of the key features of this all-in-one solution:

Interactive Website Development:

In today’s increasingly competitive market, having an interactive website is very important to engage the audience and stand out from the crowd. Interactive websites help improve the browsing experience of customers. Jupical’s experienced team can help you design the website to increase your online presence. On the website we can integrate the features like live chat support, social media integration, feedback forms, to gather valuable information from prospective customers.

Appointment Scheduling:

Salon owners can handle the appointments using jupical’s salon management system. They can send automated reminders to make sure customers don’t miss their appointments. Our system easily schedules appointments by day, date and time to reduce waiting time of the customers at counters. 

Moreover, in the system owners can set restrictions to avoid double bookings and carry out operations in a smooth manner. Customers can also book appointments with their specific salon professionals for special treatments.

Salon owners and customers both can enjoy a seamless booking experience with Jupical’s Salon management ERP Solution.

Point of Sales:

Point of sales (POS) systems help the owners simplify the transactional process that is carried out. One can handle payments with ease through this POS feature. Salons often offer their own branded products to their customers, instead of handling it differently, it can be managed in our system. Sales can be carried out and payments can be received securely. You can manage daily reports and sales analytics as well.

POS system helps in streamlining retail operations from sales, up-selling to cross sales, and payment processing. Payment gateway can also be integrated of your choice into our system. This ensures smooth operations and efficient transactions for all stakeholders.

Marketing Automation:

Owners in today’s modern business world, should avoid traditional marketing approaches as they are no longer sustainable in the competitive market. Marketing has evolved from the traditional ways. Marketing automation includes targeted email marketing, product recommendation, personalized emails and messages, digital brochures, advertising from one platform.

The chances of increasing sales is around 30% with automated email marketing strategies to attract customers. Digital catalog creating personalized digital store to showcase range of services, products and promotions we provide. Customers can book their services by watching the catalog and take leverage of offers and benefits. This enhances brand loyalty for customers.

User-Friendly Dashboard:

The ERP dashboard is tailored in such a way that all the operations can be handled at a single place. Owners can integrate their entire accounting, cash inflow-outflow, invoicing printing and soft copy, inventory of raw materials and products, from dashboard. It is a very user-friendly and easy to use platform. Along with these functions, we can monitor financial transactions and track cash flow to make informed decisions. This helps in streamlining various operations and reducing human errors.

Employee & Customer Management:

Salon is a business where daily there are a lot of foot-falls of customers.To remember everyone and maintain their record is very difficult. Jupical’s salon management ERP provides a CRM where we can store all the customers information and track customer interactions as well. Along with that, we can store our beautician and staff data as well. 

This eliminates the burden of maintaining records manually and human errors which increases smoother operations and improved customer service by hassle free paperwork.

Employee Recognition:

The system is not just designed for your customers but also your employees who are running your business. You can Recognize sales performance of the employees/staff working in your salon. These employees also should be motivated to work more efficiently. By analyzing their sales performance for the services they provide or any other criteria defined by you, you can define a special commission for them configured in the system itself.

This will increase employee productivity and satisfaction. This commissions can be handled automatically by the system based on the performance which can promote motivation and guarantee transparency between both.

Discount, Scheme & Loyalty points:

To attract and retain customers, salon owners have to offer flexible discounts, run promotional schemes, combo deals, rewards, loyalty points, QR Codes and vouchers. To store all these things in different systems is very difficult to manage. With customizable options available in our solution, you can create these customer discount options and appeal the same to customers. Businesses can target customer choice and preferences and drive sales growth by fostering customer loyalty.

Memberships & Subscriptions:

Salon can manage membership offers for the loyal and premium customers. These customized packages can help them to improve customer experience. Subscriptions renewals and billing cycles can be managed in the system which helps generating consister revenue and offering personalized services to customers.

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Jupical’s salon management ERP is a solution for all the salon owners which is designed to meet their business needs. It helps them drive the business growth by streamlining various aspects of your salon operations including appointment scheduling, inventory management, staff management, and CRM. 

Our ERP system is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to adapt to your own business needs. Whether you’re a small salon or large chain of outlets,’s salon management ERP can help you scale your business and support your goals.

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