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As the company grows, we have identified a significant need for marketing and sales. With Hubspot’s advanced CRM and an all-in solution like Odoo, companies can take advantage of an advanced system.

Companies should say goodbye to the different solutions they use for sales and marketing. By integrating Odoo with Hubspot, companies can achieve the highest level of customization according to market trends.

You are probably curious about how the integration works and the benefits it offers. Let us take a look at the details:

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Features of Odoo x Hubspot Integration:

Sales and marketing automation:

Sales and marketing are the main pillars of a company.By automating both these pillars, reducing the burden of repetitive administrative and operational tasks helps businesses to give more focus on core tasks.

By implementing automation tools like Odoo with Hubspot, companies can streamline various aspects of business like lead management,lead nurturing, and turn leads into sales-qualified opportunities.

Sync Odoo and HubSpot in the background

Syncing Odoo with Hubspot enables seamless integration in the background between two platforms. This ensures that the records created or updated  in one application are automatically shared with the other one. This ensures that workflows are streamlined and it enhances productivity by removing manual data entry and human errors.

This is how the synchronization process works:

Gmail and Outlook integration

By integrating Gmail and Outlook to Odoo enables easy sync of contacts of emails, facilitates the creation of lists, and automates the email campaigns. It also offers features like shareable meeting links to streamline scheduling and reduce back-and-forth communication and delays. This will enhance the collaboration  in-between the teams and the meeting will be carried out in an efficient manner.

A/B testing

By running A/B testing on both the versions of any published webpage, we can get automated results.This will improve the conversion rates with less time spent.Automated reports are generated to analyze the performance of each variation based on predetermined metrics such as click-through rate, bounce rate or conversion rates.

Contact management

This feature  helps transfer contacts,companies,leads and opportunities between the systems.It allows efficient management of customer information across the platform, empowering business to increase sales and service levels by better dataset. A complete range of information is available to the company which helps in doing personalized marketing campaigns and getting business success.

Lead analytics dashboard

We can create interactive dashboards that help in getting insightful reports from the integrations. The lead record is stored in a unified dashboard. Managing leads,assigning them, reviewing communication with leads,and many more activities can be done as per the customer needs.It optimises sales and marketing efforts.

Advantages of Odoo x Hubspot Integration:

Capacities for Finalising Transactions

Hubspot and Odoo integration helps boost the sales activities as all the information is stored in one centralized system.This way business leaders are kept informed about sales, pipeline activities, providing actionable insights to close the deals and transactions faster.

Reports & Analytics

Use combined data from both platforms to generate reports and dashboards, providing valuable insights into your lead generation, marketing campaigns on sales activity, revenue generation and conversion funnel.

View of business and customer life cycle

Integrating Hubspot with a reliable ERP like Odoo makes the data easily available. The data manages every step of the customer journey, allows attracting new customers,builds relationships and retains loyal ones for the long term.

Automated Workflows

HubSpot’s marketing automation features can trigger actions in Odoo, such as creating sales opportunities or tasks, based on lead behaviour.

Data Marketing

Combine website analytics from HubSpot with sales data from Odoo to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience and plan your marketing campaigns accordingly. Analyse lead behavior data from HubSpot accordingly to personalize your content marketing efforts in Odoo and deliver more relevant content to your audience.

Personalized Interactions

Use HubSpot’s lead scoring and segmentation tools, such as social media integration, to personalize your sales outreach and engagement in Odoo. Automatically populate lead information from HubSpot in Odoo to track deals seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition from marketing to sales.

If you’re considering integrating Odoo with HubSpot, worry no more because we can assist you in integrating your preferred tools with HubSpot.

Simply reach out to Jupical.io, and our expert team will handle all your integration needs effortlessly.