Manage your Restaurant Business with ERP

A significant portion of the Indian economy is the restaurant sector, with the food business expected to generate US$997.30 billion in revenue by 2024. The market is anticipated to expand by 7.96% a year (CAGR 2024-2028). The necessity to manage the many components has expanded with the rise in QSR, cafes, and cloud kitchens, among other food-related businesses. To manage their results, business owners must put in place a centralized system. The competition is on a rise as everyone is proving themselves in this industry being the most profitable industry today.

In the rapidly growing industry, the need for a comprehensive solution to manage various tasks and roles is necessary. ERP does a brilliant job by managing all the tasks into one system. The owners need not to worry about anything as it is all automated. 

An ERP effectively oversees all aspects of your restaurant’s operations, allowing you to concentrate on building your brand like a true boss!

Our restaurant management ERP is designed to manage all the types of food business. Each of them can benefit from its features and can customize the functionalities as per their needs.

Let’s deep dive into what all tasks ERP can do for industry:

Inventory management becomes easier:

Inventory management is a task for any wide spreaded restaurant chain or the cafes who have more than one outlet. Owners have to keep track record to all the outlets and make sure that the inventory never goes out of stock.

Inventory management can help to solve multiple location management, raw material management, multi-stage recipe management, and purchase order management.

Multiple Location Management: Our ERP solution helps you to manage the multiple locations from a single central location. You can manage location inventory and transfer them internally on the system.

Raw Material Management: Plan your inventory with our feature which will send stock alerts when inventory is low. You can differentiate online and fine-dine inventory separately as well.

Multi-stage Recipe Management: This is a smart feature which measures the stock according to the recipe. It will look for the consumption of raw material at every stage of making recipes so that there are no issues of low stocks.

Purchase Order Management: Give order to the suppliers and accept the orders from the ERP itself without maintaining any books. We can keep track of frequently ordered items to know their demand and forecast the sales.

Real-time Insightful Updates:

ERP is renowned for providing real-time data on all company operations. An ERP system provides all the sales data, order size, average order value, order count, etc. in a single dashboard. It is not required to be managed in any different Excel sheets.

It also makes it simpler to calculate GST and tax. Every order has it automatically calculated, minimizing errors in human entry. Not only is it computed, but you can also file it straight from this page with customized configuration.

Jupical’s ERP is designed to keep an eye on the expiration dates of your raw materials. This will notify you in advance of any expired inventory, allowing you to serve only the freshest products.Enter your stock expiration date once. Control inventory purchases and stock levels accordingly

Billing Process made easier:

One of the most crucial procedures in every organisation is the billing and payment process. With ERP we can customise the billing format as per the business requirement. With restaurant management ERP, you may print your restaurant’s logo, make bill breaks, update customer information, or add a dynamic QR code that allows payments to be made at the billing counter.

Additionally, if you have multiple cooking stations, do not worry. We can manage that as well. Provide each station its own printer, then distribute KOTs (kitchen order ticket) to the appropriate stations. Easily synchronize them all with the main point of sale to monitor every order and its current status. This is most used at QSRs or large food courts.

To give which bill to which table is also where ERP plays the most important role. Under the ERP system you can configure different tables in your restaurant and send bills according to the orders done by the guests on separate tables. Along with this, you can also provide an option to split the bills or merge the tables.

Online ordering system made simple:

With ERP you can merge the online orders of your restaurant in one system. Easily manage riders, accept multiple channel orders(online and fine-dine, take-away), reconcile order payments.

Don’t accept orders by navigating between screens. Easily accomplish everything on a single screen with the Jupical’s ERP solution. Increase restaurant sales by seamlessly integrating your system with Dineout, SwiggyZomato, and other services.

Jupical has designed this module in such a way that you can calculate commission rate, platform margin both in the system and do calculations automatically.Example: Every order picked by Zomato/Swiggy takes a 35% margin and that should be calculated automatically.

CRM to know your customers:

Build valuable relationships with your customers who are loyal to your business. CRM helps you store the customer relations in the system and know the repeated orders they place. You can give discounts and coupons to these loyal customers.

To take a step ahead you can configure a loyalty wallet and to the repeated customers,you can top-up the credits. Set how they can redeem the points on online orders or dine in as per your needs. Thisboosts loyalty and customer retention.

As CRM stores all the information, you can send personalised texts to the customers on their birthday and anniversary to make them feel more special.You can integrate Whats App as well so that you can send coupons and latest offers easily.


Jupical can assist you in developing a personalized system to run your expanding company. It assists you in integrating the many applications for ordering food and third-party platforms to optimize your business processes. Everything is under your control with ERP, from order to delivery. Simply contact our knowledgeable staff, and they will assist you in developing this fantastic structure for running your company. ERP will handle business management so you can concentrate on developing your brand!