Jupical's Remarkable Journey in the Growing FinTech Landscape

What is FinTech?

Financial Technology is widely known as FinTech; is a technology designed to provide automation in the delivery of the financial services and increase productivity. Generally it helps businesses and entities to better manage their financial operations using a special software designed with secured technology on their smartphones and computers.

In 21st Century; there was emergence was FinTech in the backend operations for financial institutions like banks. However from 2018 to 2022 the focus was shifted; and the industry totally started the developments which was directly for the benefit of the customers. Today, FinTech covers various industries including Education, Banking, Fundraising, Insurance, Investment Management, E-commerce, Payment Services, to name a few.

Exploring FinTech

Today, FinTech shapes the business dynamics on how they conduct their operations, developments from digital currencies to creation of double-entry accounting. The growth and development of financial services has been remarkable since the exposure of internet revolution.

The FinTech sector in India has gained 14% of global funding, making it the second-highest among top countries. The market opportunity in India is projected to reach $2.1 Trillion by 2023. In 2022, Indian fintech’s have been ranked as the second most funded start-up sector. 

Currently, there is a major revolution in FinTech which is driven by the customer shift from traditional financial services to digitalized products and services. So how is the industry transforming today? The industry is transforming with incorporation of technologies like AI, Blockchain, AR-VR, which is turning the whole market into an interactive and engaging platform.

How is Jupical.io transitioning from being Odoo ERP specialists to FinTech experts?

Jupical.io has started their journey in the market from Odoo ERP specialists and with the adoption of on-going trend and technologies, Jupical has now started the development of FinTech services for their customers. It involves developing the applications and software as per client needs from the scratch. Jupical itself has adopted the digital transformation as the market keeps on expanding.

Adopting the development of the FinTech market is not an easy job, it requires a lot of specialization and expertise; luckily Jupical.io has now elaborated services in these sectors to make the global footsteps.

FinTech Implementation

Case Studyof the solution provided by Jupical.io to Malaysian Semi-Government E-finance Company is one of the proven examples of developing FinTech Solutions which has created a business impact by automating various tasks and data management.

Here is the Case Study Published on the Web – https://jupical.io/case-studies/e-finance/

As we wrap up..

FinTech is undertaking some significant transmission as now it has played vital roles in many industries for providing customer solutions in this dynamic market space. Both customers and the broader society, mainly businesses and enterprises, are embracing the future of FinTech as a new standardized market. Jupical.io is now equipped with the expertise in adopting the society changes into digital transformation in its products and services.

We are now open to adopt and solve any technological issues that clients would want us to deal with the best possible solutions and outcomes.