ERP Solutions for Sales and Marketing Leaders


Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are transforming the gap between sales and marketing by breaking barriers and promoting collaboration. ERP market is observing the market trends where the companies majorly use CRM and its usage is growing from past few years.

CRM builds a bridge between sales and marketing to increase the revenue of the company whose data is stored at one place in an ERP system. With help of this data,  the marketing and sales team can now collaborate more effectively. Data provides real-time analytics for both the team to carry out further operations in an organization.

Why do Sales & Marketing professionals in india need ERP Solution?

India has been actively growing its IT market nearly over a decade offering effective tailored solutions to specific business needs. Mid-market companies, industries, manufacturing, services, distribution companies benefit the most from such ERP cloud solutions. ERP has made their life easier by gathering each and every data storage at one place accessible by anyone.

With the growth, marketing needs arise as the businesses have become more competitive. As marketing needs arise, it is very fortunate that the marketers have pressure of finding leads and increasing the company sales. After all, the main target of any company is increasing their sales and revenue. ERP has emerged as a great platform in this landscape helping companies grow

Sales leader does the forecasting of the future similar to the weather forecast we see on our TVs.But this forecast is only useful if it has reliable data. It can be a big challenge to get the right data as a company has lots of sectors. According to Gartner, only 45% of sales leaders believe their companies have reliable sales forecasts. In the meetings, the leaders from each department sit together and can see the accumulated data from each sector in one view with the help of an ERP solution. The question at this stage isn’t just, “How are we doing now?” but “How will things look at the end of the quarter and what can derail us?” are discussed.

Key Benefits for Leaders for using ERP

  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

CRM module is one of the most important modules, it helps the sales and marketing team to manage customer interactions in a more smooth and informed manner. The departments can easily track the leads and manage sales pipelines with transparency. This increases efficient operations and division of workflow in a proper manner. The departments can sit together and make the marketing strategies accordingly for the future.

  • Transforming Collaboration between Sales and Marketing

Today’s ERP systems are changing the game of how sales and marketing teams work together. They are removing old barriers between the two departments and making the integration smooth and seamless. Now with ERP, the data is shared under one roof in one place, instant analysis is possible, workflows are more streamlined. These ERP systems make it easy for the teams to sync up their goals, strategies, and messaging in the departments. 

Marketing teams can run campaigns in a more targeted manner and the conversion becomes easy in the funnel. By running the advertisements for the right public, right target, companies can make the most out of their investment. 

The use of a CRM tool is very progressive, management of leads becomes easy for the sales team. There are lesser chances of avoiding any of the leads and they can connect with prospects anytime they want in a personalized manner. There is a whole new level of transparency and systematic flow of work.

  • Streamlining Processes, Amplifying Results

ERP systems are important to boost the effectiveness of sales and marketing by simplifying the process and enhancing the outcomes.By automating tedious tasks like data inputs, generation of reports, ERP saves good amount of time and cost of the company which they can utilize in marketing and other important tasks.

Smooth collaboration between lead management and campaign guarantees efficient tracking. Nurturing and conversion of leads, which results in improved conversion rate and revenue growth. There is cross-functional growth between the two departments.

  • Improved Data Visibility 

The ERP system not only automates the workflows but also shows real time data visibility. It offers a view of customer interaction and purchase history as well. Sales and Marketing team can access all the information from customer orders, inventory levels, financial data to make sales strategies in a more accurate manner.  This data visibility can help redefine marketing campaigns time and again and utilize money in a well structured way reducing wastage.

  • ERP’s Role in Personalized Sales and Marketing

The ERP system not only collects the effective data but also helps in categorization of customers based on certain characteristics like demographics, behavior patterns, past purchasing activities, and stated preferences. This segregation enables businesses to tailor the campaigns in personalized manner in different customer segments more effectively.

  • Maximizing ROI with effective resource allocation

Sales and marketing leaders can allocate the resource in a more optimized manner where they can get highest returns on investment ROI.The data in ERp provides an in-depth and structured view of the customer journey in the sales funnel providing valuable insights. 

These KPIs measure metrics such as lead generation, conversion rates, customer acquisition cost, and revenue generated from marketing efforts.

How will help you be an efficient marketer and sales leader? has a team of experts that has developed the ERP modules for handling the leads, campaign management, data analytics, workflow automation to help sales and marketing leaders to foster business growth. Both these departments can drive better results for the company with enhanced data visibility and customization tailored to the business needs. From developing websites to streamlining the sales process, we can help you integrate everything in the system. Schedule the free consultation now and increase your business growth!