A very famous IT industry from Laos implemented Education ERP for a non govt firm through which they contacted Jupical for ready ERP solution for Education Management. Which is a complete package of Fees management, Student management, Faculty management, Library management, Student’s Portal Access Rights it was possible for successful implementation
Technology Used
Services Offered

Odoo Configuration & Development

Training & Support

Third Party Applications

Jupical Education management

Other Services (Integrations)

Odoo base Invoices

sales module integrated with Jupical Education ERP

Challenges Faced:

  • Their management team relied heavily on manual paperwork and spreadsheets for managing student admissions, enrollments, fees, and academic records. This led to errors, delays, and a lack of transparency for both students and administrative staff.
  • The lack of a centralized system made it difficult to track student performance, analyze trends, and make informed decisions about academic programs and resources.
  • Communication between different departments was often disjointed and inefficient, leading to confusion and frustration for students and parents.
  • Link invoicing and sales with Jupical’s ERP for better accounting.


  1. Jupical’s Education ERP solution was implemented to automate administrative processes. This included modules for:
    • Admissions and enrollments:Online application forms, automated student data entry, and seamless course registration.
    • Fees and payments: Sync with Odoo accounting
    • Academic records: Centralized management of student transcripts, grades, and attendance records using student’s portal.
    • Reporting and analytics: Visual dashboards and reports for tracking student performance, analyzing trends, and making data-driven decisions.
  2. Odoo’s base invoices and sales modules were seamlessly integrated with Jupical Education ERP, a leading educational management software. This provided a unified platform for managing student data, finances, and academic records.
  3. Custom Python scripts were developed to automate specific tasks and integrate with external systems Python development like auto generation of fees SO from ction.



Sales management


Accounting management


Portal access


Multi — language


multi — company

Business Impact

  • Integration significantly reduced administrative burden and paperwork, freeing up staff time to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • The centralized system provided real-time data insights, allowing for better decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Students and parents now have online access to their academic records, fees, and announcements, leading to improved communication and transparency.
  • Automation of tasks and centralized data management led to cost savings in administrative and operational expenses.
  • The improved efficiency and student experience contributed to increased enrollment numbers and revenue generation.

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