In the evolving landscape of the clothing and fabric industry, the strategic implementation of an eCommerce online store has become pivotal for business growth. Our client acknowledged this imperative and identified a more comprehensive requirement – to establish connections with suppliers, customers, and an online store while simplifying the complexities of inventory management, returns, and revenue tracking. Their vision included providing users with an ERP solution and creating an eCommerce store that resonated with the refined preferences of their clientele.

Technology Used
Services Offered

Odoo Subscription with Enterprise

Data and Code Migration

E-Commerce Store

Odoo Customizations

Training & Support

Other Services (Integrations)

Integration with Sales


Website Components of Odoo

Business Challenges

  • A lack of a streamlined communication channel between loan applicants and the company, impeding efficient business operations.
  • Manual loan calculations and disbursement processes, plagued by errors and inefficiencies, were hampering growth and success.
  • Outdated document management systems led to disarray and hinder collections.

Solution Proposed

  1.  Design and build a comprehensive Odoo database for end-to-end business management
  2.  Implement sales and purchase order management, inventory tracking, and customer/vendor deal management (including drop-shipping and online delivery)
  3. Utilize Odoo accounting for streamlined payments, bills, commissions, and automated reconciliations
  4.  Develop a website and e-commerce platform with a focus on enhancing product search for a seamless customer experience

Client Pain Points

  1. Customizing the Odoo database to fit specific business needs
  2.  Designing the Odoo website to align with the client’s brand and ensure user-friendly customer experiences
  3. Providing ongoing support for their team’s Odoo learning curve


E-commerce user Search

Odoo provides custom search of only main products, but with our customization public user can make global search of main products and their variants.

Delivery Tracking

 After the delivery of material, the parameters were set to real time shipment tracking for both customer and vendor.

Unique Imports of products

Odoo provides imports through CSV and XLS file, but the functionality customized was when the products are imported the system creates unique internal reference.

Dynamic Barcode

Unique barcode generator was designed for all product and product variants

Create bulk variants

Cron designed to create number of variants main product consists of, to avoid manually creating large number of variants one by one.

Business Impact

The successful implementation of Odoo ERP has positively impacted the fabric store’s operations. The tailored solution streamlined inventory management, optimized sales and purchase processes, and enhanced overall efficiency. The fabric store is now better equipped to handle global fabric retailing, drive business growth, and effectively meet customer demands. The collaborative effort and utilization of Odoo version 16 resulted in a reliable and scalable software solution for ongoing success.

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