One of the most prestigious company in Singapore dealing with Diamond business required an ERP so that they can just take care of prestigious clients, 

The client required a highly secure system with virtual inventory management, accounting integration, website functionality, and seamless vendor mapping. Jupical delivered a solution utilizing Python Odoo, addressing all the client’s specific needs and significantly streamlining their business operations.

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ERP Customization & Development,

ERP Implementation

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Vendor Mapping

Integration with FTP


URLs of vendor servers

Challenges faced by the client:

  • The client struggled with manual vendor mapping, which was time-consuming and inefficient. They required a system to automate the process of matching customer requests with vendors based on specific diamond properties.
  • They required a highly secure system to protect sensitive data about their diamonds and customers.
  • Furthermore, they didn’t have a physical inventory and operated based on virtual inventory management. The system needed to track the availability and location of diamonds in real-time.
  • They required the ERP system to integrate with their existing accounting system and website to streamline business operations.
  • They required the system to handle multiple invoice payments for each customer order.



Vendor Mapping




Password Security


Multi-Invoice Payment

Solution suggested by Jupical:

  • Vendor Mapping : Jupical developed custom modules that integrated with APIs, IPs, FTP servers, and URLs of vendor systems. These modules automatically fetched data about diamond properties from all the vendors. The system then matched customer requests with the most suitable vendor based on the required properties and price. This automated process significantly reduced the time and effort required for vendor mapping.
  • Security : We implemented a custom module for password security, incorporating the client’s specific requirements. They developed an additional “master password” module for enhanced security. These modules ensured that only authorized users could access sensitive data.
  • Inventory Management : We implemented virtual inventory management functionality within the Odoo system. This allowed the client to track the availability and location of diamonds in real-time, even without a physical inventory.
  • Accounting and Website Integration : We integrated the ERP system with the client’s existing accounting system and website. This enabled seamless data flow between the systems, streamlining business processes.
  • Multiple Invoice Payment : We developed a custom module for multiple invoice payment. This allowed the client to accept and manage payments for each customer order, even if it involved multiple invoices.

Business Impact:

Accelerated loan approvals: Processing time for loan applications reduced by 50%, leading to faster disbursements and improved customer satisfaction. Centralized document management and digital approvals ensured adherence to Islamic finance principles and government regulations. Real-time insights into loan application status and approval stages enabled better decision-making and process optimization. Odoo’s robust security features protected sensitive customer and financial data. Automation of manual tasks freed up staff time for more value-added activities. Streamlined processes and faster loan approvals led to a more positive customer experience.

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