The Impact of ERP on the Courier Service Industry

Over the past few years, as we say, from the year 2014 to 2021 there is a significant rise in  India’s courier sector has grown significantly due to a number of causes including an increase in e-commerce, a rise in the demand for quick delivery services, improved infrastructure, and an increase in urbanisation. The market is targeted to grow by USD 15.23Billion by 2023.

Successful courier operations are centered on accuracy and efficiency. The software for managing courier deliveries in bulk streamlines operations and caters to the complete requirements of logistics and courier firms. With the software we developed, we are able to oversee the distribution of packets to courier service providers and offer superior reporting, billing, and control over courier firms. This way, management is able to receive reports that clearly show how the courier company is carrying out its duties at every level.

Couriers will face a variety of difficulties on the job, such as traffic, difficulty locating addresses, and more. Also, your clients anticipate regular updates. By controlling courier kinds, keeping up-to-date position information, and optimising routing paths, our courier management system may completely transform your courier operations.

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Important Features of Software for Courier Management

Order Processing

Strong order management features are provided by courier management software to effectively handle incoming orders. From the point of start to delivery, it enables users to originate, monitor, and manage orders. This feature offers the ability to create orders, designate delivery persons, track orders in real time, and send out automatic customer alerts.

Routing and Dispatch

Software for managing couriers must have effective dispatch and routing features. Based on variables including distance, traffic, delivery priority, and resource availability, it offers smart algorithms to optimise delivery routes. By guaranteeing that shipments are allocated to the most appropriate delivery staff and routes, this function lowers delivery expenses and times.

Tracking and Visibility in Real Time

Consumers anticipate being able to view and monitor their shipments in real time. Customers and other stakeholders can check the whereabouts and status of their parcels with the help of real-time tracking tools provided by courier management solutions. Features like delivery status updates, arrival estimate, and delivery confirmation by email and SMS are among the things it may have.

Management of Resources

For courier operations, effective resource management is essential. Features for effectively managing delivery staff, cars, warehouses, and other resources are provided by the software. It makes scheduling, allocating, and monitoring resources possible, maximising their use and cutting down on overhead.

Analytics and Reporting

Software for managing couriers can provide extensive analytics and reporting features. It produces reports on a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), including customer satisfaction, resource usage, delivery times, and order volumes.

Integration and Automation

Software for managing couriers can be integrated with other pertinent platforms and systems. It permits interaction with accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and other crucial technologies. Features that reduce manual labor and increase productivity, such as automatic order imports, label production, and invoice creation, are examples of automation.

Courier Management ERP by Jupical will allow you to:

  • Whole order and dispatch management administration: This feature allows for the centralized management of all orders and dispatches within the courier system. It includes functionalities such as order creation, assignment, tracking, and fulfillment. 


  • Control courier data (such as order type and dispatch information): This feature enables administrators to maintain and update various courier-related data, including order types (e.g., express, standard) and dispatch information (e.g., pickup and delivery details).


  • Travel history for packages created using status and location: The package travel is tracked by the system, which logs each package’s location at each stage of transit and its current status (e.g., in transit, out for delivery, delivered).


  • Check the status of your courier by using the tracking number: Consumers can enter the unique tracking number that is associated with each delivery to follow the status of their shipments. This makes the delivery process visible and transparent.


  • Real-time monitoring and visibility: Customers and administrators can keep an eye on the precise position and status of items as they travel through the delivery network thanks to the software’s real-time tracking features.


  • Automated Notifications to consumers (by Mail and SMS): During critical points in the delivery process, such as when the shipment is on its way or has been successfully delivered, the system automatically notifies consumers via email or SMS.


  • On a Google Map, a route with preset routing pathways can be followed with just one click: Thanks to Google Maps integration, this feature lets consumers see a courier’s journey on a map. To optimize delivery routes, it could have predefined routing paths.


  • Generate comprehensive reports that offer insights into shipping activities, including facts like delivery timeframes, shipping prices, and courier receipts for financial record-keeping. The programme may be used to create reports with shipment details and courier receipts.


  • Easy return and replacement procedures: Customers can request returns and the system makes it easier to handle the logistics of reverse logistics operations. It also lets users handle simple return and replacement procedures.
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