Loan Management

Loan Management

Purpose Of Using

Whether it’s planned events like weddings, vacations, or home renovations, or unexpected emergencies such as medical procedures, or personal Loans, bring your finance business hassle-free of paperwork & headache which not only calculates automatic amortization schedule but also calculates your business’s future growth 2x; loan management solution does that!

Our Loan Management System is designed by software developers and lending professionals, boasting years of experience in fintech. Our future-proof technology and long-term partnerships render it simple, fast and cost-effective to expand your services portfolio and client base, allowing your business to scale up or reinvigorate itself effectively at any stage of its life-cycle.


Amortization Schedule

Create a table of loan payments showing dates, amount of principal, amount of interest, and remaining balance

Payment Collection

Track and manage customer payments that are overdue

Document Management

Collect, upload, store, and share all documents in a centralized location making it easier for everyone involved to access information.


 Built-in accounting or integration with a third party accounting system

Loan Portfolio Management

Assess and control risks associated with the credit process of each loan portfolio/account

Audit Trail

Track changes and view date/time records

Automatic Funds Distribution

 Automatic transfers to/from a borrower¿s account on a regular, periodic basis

Collateral Tracking

Assess and control risks associated with the credit process of each loan portfolio/account

Compliance Management

Track and manage non-adherence to policies in a service, product, process, or supplier behavior

Happy Clients

What our clients are saying

"The overall service has proven to be commendable. Our application's requirements were meticulously revised and fulfilled to our satisfaction. exhibited an exemplary level of responsiveness, both through email correspondence and diligent follow-up meetings, further underscoring their commitment to providing an exceptional service."

- Lorenzo Zavalla, Owner, Exceed Digital Solutions

"We had the privilege of collaborating with on a critical project for the University UNAM in Mexico. Based on our positive experience, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage in future projects and continue our successful partnership with them."

- Mauricio Rodriguez, CEO, MitMut

I wholeheartedly recommend the services provided. The level of communication and the profound understanding of our requirements demonstrated by the team have been truly exceptional.

- Rami Harfouch (Manager), Procom Middle East – Dubai

"My sincere appreciation for’s exceptional team and ability to deliver the best results. Their unwavering commitment to completing tasks without unnecessary delays is truly commendable!"

- Alex Marcou (Managing Director), MCIT -Cyprus

" consistently provides valuable technical support, excels in issue responsiveness and improvements, and demonstrates a strong commitment to collaboration. We eagerly look forward to continuing our partnership with them."

- Jakob Hansen-Tangen, CEO, Flyt Consulting AS

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