Imagine an e-commerce store where customers can effortlessly browse a user-friendly interface, instantly seeing a product’s availability and recent view history. Imagine the confidence they feel when they see a warranty clearly displayed, knowing their investments are protected. Ideate the competitive edge they gain when public users no longer have access to confidential wholesale prices. That’s the ecommerce store we created for the hardware store in Cyprus.

Technology Used
Services Offered

Odoo customization & Development

Online E-commerce store

Training & Support

Challenges the client faced

  • Customers found it difficult to find products due to the lack of features like recent view, stock quantity, and product history.
  • Product descriptions were often incomplete or lacked key details like warranties and labels.
  • Public users could see wholesale prices, leading to unfair competition.
  • The existing platform lacked the flexibility and scalability needed to support future growth.

Solution Proposed

  • Product recent view: Customers could easily access the products they recently viewed, leading to faster purchase decisions.
  • Stock quantity: Real-time inventory updates provided transparency and prevented out-of-stock orders.
  • Last 5 product visible in history: Customers could quickly view their past purchases and reorder frequently used items.
  • Warranty check: Integrated warranty information provided customers with confidence and facilitated warranty claims.
  • Product labels: Customized labels helped organize products and improve user experience.
  • Public user price hide: Wholesale prices were hidden from public users, ensuring fair competition and maintaining profit margins.







Search History





Business Impact

The implementation of Odoo has resulted in a significant positive impact on the hardware store’s online business:

  • Increased sales: Improved product navigation and enhanced product information led to a 20% increase in online sales.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Transparency about stock levels and warranties resulted in a 15% decrease in customer complaints.
  • Enhanced user experience: Features like recent view and product history made the online store more user-friendly and efficient.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Odoo’s centralized platform streamlined inventory management and order processing.
  • Reduced costs: Open-source licensing and efficient operations helped the hardware store reduce IT costs.

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